Friday, October 6, 2017

Happy Halloween in Second Life!

If in any quest for magic, in any search for sorcery, witchery, legerdemain, first check the human spirit.

Rod Serling

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays in Real Life (RL).

(No, I don’t go trick or treating anymore. Significant Other made me stop.)

Autumn is in full riot when it occurs.  Summer is a memory.

It’s then followed by my next favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, which then leads to my favorite one of the whole year, Christmas!

Of course, Second Life (SL) is no slouch either when it comes to Halloween.  In fact, it may give RL a run for its money here. 

IMHO Halloween may be the biggest holiday inworld with the biggest and baddest costumes and parties.  Not to mention all the haunted, spooky locations that pop up to be visited. 

Naturally, at this time of the year, I turn to my oldest friend inworld, Perryn Peterson, Mayor of Mieville and impresario extraordinaire of its social life to tell me what he and his merry band are up to for Halloween!

We’re not to be disappointed! 

This year’s theme is a magical town with a hint of witchcraft and magic thrown in for good measure that happens to be surmounted by an impressive castle. 

The town is called FloxWarts and the event is called FloxWarts Halloween! 

The spirit of Halloween is evident throughout the town. 

This is without a doubt the most involved town setting from the gang at Mieville.

For one, I kept getting lost.  (Significant Other says no surprise there and is willing to bet I wouldn’t stop to ask for directions either.) 

There are a myriad of streets, alleys, byways, and dead ends.

Oh, and BTW watch out for the spiders in the alleyways and the Whomping Willow.  (Just go see for yourself with that last one.)

As in all Mieville events, FloxWarts Halloween is a non-stop social whirl leading up to the main event on Halloween. 

Close to one hundred merchants are offering their wares in shops and carts
throughout the town for the shopping pleasure of visitors. 

Entertainments, gachas, dancing, amusements, food and drinks, and much more will be available to delight guests.

A pumpkin hunt, whereby players can earn points by catching small pumpkins rolling around all over the place to buy gifts, will be ongoing during FloxWarts Halloween.  (This is very similar to the acorn hunt in the last Renaissance Faire.)    

There are new merchants to add to the growing community.  A few are: Porcelan Resident, Xanna Wahwah, and Abondurant Resident aka Miss Phoebe. 

Be sure to check out the FloxWarts Express!

An amazing train assembled exclusively for this event by Troy Waxman.

(Hint: You can find it by following the little blue arrow on the floor of the main (actually the only) train station.  A must for train aficionados! 

There will be broomstick riding and unicorns!

Don’t miss FloxWarts Castle either! 

“Floo powder” will transport you around which you can find in the fireplace at the Faulty Firkin arrival area where you’ll start your journey.  Also, check out the chairs there too! 

As always, a Mieville production is fun and well worth attending.  FloxWarts Halloween is no exception!

I strongly recommend your going especially if you enjoy Halloween as much as I do. 

Further, Mieville is a wonderful community of people to go and hang out with.  

And, in case you don’t believe me, FloxWarts Halloween has been included on SL’s Top Haunted Places Tour & Hunt this year!

FloxWarts Halloween runs from October 7th to the 31st and can be located here.    

Please come and enjoy yourselves and maybe you’ll run into me!

Additional pictures from FloxWarts  Halloween can be found on this flickr page. 

I’d like to thank The Companion for once again helping me out and taking all these wonderful photos. 

I’d also like to thank Perryn for once again taking the time from his busy schedule to give a pre-opening tour and to everyone in Mieville who make wonderful events like FloxWarts Halloween happen!

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 

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