Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life VI: Interview with a Domme

Everyone is a potential naked slave to you once you become a trainer.

Anne Rice

          This installment of Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life goes back to a subject that I’ve blogged a lot about since my start in Second Life (SL), BDSM .  My last story visited a nude beach so I thought it was time to get back to people and their practices inworld rather than place with this story. 
          Since I first started visiting with the BDSM community inworld, I’ve met with doms, dommes, and submissives (“subs”).  I’ve visited clubs and other places where BDSM is practiced.  One of my goals has been to interview a dom or domme.  Subs seem to like to talk.  But for some reason, doms and dommes seem to be somewhat more reticent.  Well, after several months of looking and a couple of false starts, I’m happy to report that I’ve finally met a domme who was willing to be interviewed.  (Actually, I met her while researching nudist beaches!  There is a method to my madness.) 
           Dorina Slade is an inworld domme who rezzed into SL on May 3, 2007.  Dorina like many noobies in SL quickly became curious about what her avatar looked like without her clothes on and the rest, as they say is history.  She passed through phases of being an escort and a kajira in a Gorean sim before moving onto BDSM.   Dorina only practices BDSM in SL and as for Real Life, “…that’s another story…” as she says. 
          Le Harem de Dorina is a SL group founded by Dorian and is not a place.  She designed it as a sexy family where all members could enjoy using and being used by one another, depending on the time zones and the genders of the people online.  Dorina says one never knows how the game can run.  Members ascend the group’s hierarchy by serving well or go back down the way they came if they don’t behave. She continues saying that this brings out a great sense of emulation and gameplaying especially as Dorina describes herself as quite bad tempered and may punish a sub who has served her well and reward another one who has gone wild.  Dorina would like to keep the group small with really motivated subs, too many subs makes it hard to be serious with all of them. 
Dorina began as a sub because she says she had a lot to learn first.  She found a good Mistress and Master and was “conveniently” instructed (sounds interesting).  As time went by, Dorina found herself more and more attracted to domination, especially of men.  She practiced and became more daring and understood that this was what she wanted.  So, after a while, when she tried to enter a BDSM sim as a sub, Dorina found it so boring that it became to clear to her that she could not go back.  It was “domme or die” for Dorina. 
As to why Dorina became a paid domme, she says she needed money to buy clothes and stuff. The easiest (and most pleasant!) way to earn Lindens was escorting.  She found she was good at it, men were ready to pay for usual services, and to overpay for being humiliated, beaten, and being taken advantage of.  It was easy, funny, and she didn’t even have to undress or have sex with them.  
Dorina’s favorite practices involve using men.  Although as she puts it, “I never have sexy with sex.”  She enjoys rear entry sex with them or “obliging” them to play with each other.  In fact, she considers the latter to be a real treat as she then knows that they are really, fully obedient. 
Among her subs, there are no real limits among the men.  Some enjoy anal, some being slapped, others serving as human urinals.  There was one fellow once Dorina recalls who was absolutely straight but after a while he was one of the best fellatists she had ever seen and would ask the Harem Master for sex.  She considers him one of her greatest victories! 
I ask Dorina what a typical session for her group is like and she says it all depends on the sub, the moment, and her mood.  They are not typical and as sometimes there can be as many as three or four subs at the same time, there can be many combinations. 
          There are about ten subs in Le Harem de Dorina but only a few are used by her frequently.  She prefers to have a few subs and to use them well and to be ready and able to respond to their needs.  Dorina sometimes wonders who the real dominant is as the subs just have to obey while she has to think it all over. 
          I inquire about how well the group is doing, is it growing?  Dorina says she’d rather keep the group small as too many subs make it hard to be serious with all.  (Le Harem de Dorina does have an application which does ask applicants fairly direct questions about their preferences in case anyone is interested.) 
          My last question to Dorina is about her thoughts about the state of BDSM in SL today.  She replies that there are too many subs don’t know what BDSM really means and too many doms and dommes (often guys with a female avatar) are just there for some quick sex.  
          I want to thank Dorina not only for this interview and her frank and candid answers.  She maintains her own blog which while not current does give a fun account of her early days in SL. 
          Below, I’ve included a link to a picture of Dorina and some BDSM sites that I’ve visited inworld.  My pictures do not do any of the sites justice, please visit them if you can! 
          As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.
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Photo No. 1 Dorina Slade

Photo No. 10 Dominari Dance Floor

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine's Day in Second Life

Who, being loved, is poor?

Oscar Wilde

           I received my first note from Jessii Warrhol  in the New Year about the festivities planned in Tribute City for the Valentine’s Day season.  Here’s what she had to say:



Dates:  January 12 to February 15, 2013 

Description: Join us in Tribute City as we usher in the Valentine’s seasons with a month long festival! Events include singles parties so you can find that perfect someone, a couples photo contest, live DJ’s, tribute bands and more! 



-READY FOR LOVE FESTIVAL MERCHANTS FAIR: Shop for great gifts for yourself or your special someone at our merchants fair!


-SPLIT 5000L'S PHOTO CONTEST: Win free lindens by entering our couples photo contest. Simply TP to the contest area and follow the prompts to load a photo of your favorite couple.


-COUPLES PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION RAFFLE: Enter to win a free couples portrait from Mocha Visions Photography. Simply teleport in and touch the raffle board to enter. Limit one entry per person.  A total of 4 photography sessions will be given away.


-CANAL BALLROOM: Looking for a quiet spot to dance with your love one? IF so try our new canal ballroom, ready in time for you and your special someone:


-FREE GONDOLA  & PADDLEBOAT RIDES: Take a romantic and leisure stroll  in our canal waters, by riding our free gondola and paddleboat rides:


1/13/13 - Muse

1/27/13 - Duran Duran

2/10/13 - Green Day 

Join our groups for special group notices, to find out about our upcoming singles parties, club events, and contests!


·       Amelia’s Pilot Lounge

·       Club Capital

·       Club Nation

·       xTreme CT Rock Club


Join our groups for special group notices, to find out about our upcoming singles parties, club events, and contests!

Keep up to date with Tribute City News at the following: 


Please contact jessii2009 Warrhol in world if you have any questions or comments about the information on these events or for tenant inquiries.

          I’d like to thank Jessii for thinking of my readers and me with this update.  She’s always got something going inworld and it’s always fun and involves lots of people. 

          Please drop by Tribute City during January and February to check out the beautiful work and all the fun.  Bring that special someone or maybe you’ll meet that special someone!  You might even run into me! 

As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

One of the Most Interesting Second Life Residents I’ve Met (II): Perryn Peterson

Reality provides us with facts so romantic that imagination itself could add nothing to them.

Jules Verne

          From time to time, I sit back and think (Significant Other (SO) has other words for it but it’s true, I’m not napping.)  about the people whom I meet inworld.  Every twelve months or so, I write a story about one of the most interesting of these people.  There are many possibilities.  However, as I spend more time in Second Life (SL), the person I write about is becoming more someone I’ve spent a lot of time with then not. 
          Previously, I’d written about Morsmordre Furman.  She is a true Renaissance person who can be found with increasing frequency inworld these days.  Morsmordre exemplified to me the creative spontaneity of SL.  Her creations are original and show SL’s true potential.
          This year (Yes, I know it’s over a year since I wrote my last story in this series.  But as I’ve said before, it’s my blog and I get editorial privilege. Contrary to what SO says this is not the reason I write this blog.) I’ve selected one of my oldest friends in SL, Perryn Peterson.  I was introduced to Perryn (not “Perry”) by a mutual friend, Eleanor Banx, in 2011 when I began blogging and was visiting inworld to meet different communities, in this case, steampunks. 

          Perryn is currently the mayor of Mieville, a prominent steampunk community in SL.  He is also the producer of Historical Hunts Ltd. hunts and events.  Perryn had been formerly the Vizier of the late City of Piedmont, a Gorean community.  “A series of unfortunate events” in Real Life (RL) took people away from Piedmont and led to its closure. 
          What brought Perryn to SL originally was a referral by someone in an AOL chat “looong” ago.  (Do I need to tell my younger readers what AOL was?)  He can remember first arriving inworld and not knowing what a sim was or how it differed from a sim. 

          During an interview, I ask Perryn why he stayed in SL and do what he does here.  Perryn says he stayed because he’s found plenty to hold his interest.  He can’t understand people who claim they are bored inworld.  (Neither can I.)  Perryn does what he does here because he loves to assemble.  Perryn doesn’t say he can build inworld but he has learned to mod stuff.  He displays his characteristic modesty here because Perryn assembles more than prims.  He assembles residents and builds communities and that is why he’s the subject of this story. 
          His proudest achievement to date is the Dickens Christmas Village.  But he’s also equally proud of STEAM, the Renaissance Faire, and his other hunts.   Although, he’s quick to point out that he’s not responsible for the concept of hunts in SL.  He continues by saying the hunts and events, while fun, are secondary to building up Mieville.  Perryn would like to see more residents and Mieville.  Now that he doesn’t have Piedmont to worry about, he should be able to devote more time to these goals. 

          I next ask Perryn about what he enjoys most about SL.  He enjoys meeting people getting them set up in residences and shops, and producing the hunts.  He also enjoys the sort of building which he calls “assembling”.  He’s thrilled by all that there is to learn in SL. 
          I inquire about Perryn’s SL interest in steampunk and he claims he didn’t really know about it until he arrived inworld.  But Perryn is eclectic.  A future project is the Chinese Lunar New Year.  Recently, the Frost Fair has been introduced to list of annual events.  The latter will be a recreation of an ice festival that used to take place when the Thames froze over.  (In case you’re not current on English weather, this last happened in 1814.)  The idea for this event when he was reading about Elizabeth I who is the person from history he’d like to have to dinner if he could.  And, of course, there will be Mardi Gras in Mieville Poe which is the French Quarter. 

          My final question is about his thoughts about the future of SL.  Perryn’s view of its future is guarded.  He keeps hoping that more people will discover it and will stay.  However, frustration with the way Linden Lab runs things is rampant, himself included.  Perryn has been critical since I’ve known him about the policy of eliminating surnames for noobies which he believes creates second class citizens as long as there are residents with surnames. 
          This brings us to the conclusion of our interview and I thank him before we return to RL. 

          Perryn is an exemplary example of that entrepreneurial spirit which characterizes SL.  He has created communities and events.  Building on scripts and prims, Perryn has brought together many people who live together inworld and enjoy themselves.  (BTW, Perryn throws great parties.) 
          I want to thank Perryn not only for this interview and his frank and candid answers but also for his friendship.  Much of what I’ve been able to do in SL has been with Perryn’s help and for this I’m grateful. 

          I’ve included pictures of Perryn and some of his events.  But please go and see them for yourself because my work does not do them justice and some of these places have to be experienced to be truly enjoyed.  There’re also the people who have to be met.  
           As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.

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Photo No. 1 Perryn Peterson

Photo No. 4 STEAM 7 – Trophy

Photo No. 10 Refurbished Main Room at Laughing Gryphon House

Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Visit with an Artist and His Art Gallery in Second Life – Part II

A picture is worth a thousand words.


In this story, I continue my visit with the Second Life (SL) artist, Anima, and his inworld partner, Hitomi Tamatzui, at Anima’s inworld art gallery, Doors Gallery. In my prior story  I interviewed Anima and we talked about his views on art and the interaction between the artist and his audience.
Now, I’ll walk through the eight floors of Doors and share the experience with my readers.  I’ve had to think long and hard about this story because I’m not an art critic.  I’m probably like most people in that I know art when I see it and I like it. 
            I like Anima’s work.  Full disclosure, I’m impressed by its variety, quality, and sheer numbers of works.  Words cannot adequately describe his portfolio.  (At least not the way I write.) 

So, I’m going to walk through the gallery and highlight what I see.  I’m not an art expert or historian which would make any comments on my part trivial compared to the work on display.  I do this tour to encourage and aid my readers to go see this unique SL resource for themselves. 
Most of Anima’s works have originally been created in Real Life (RL) before being transported to SL.  This is in contrast with Hitomi whose works are sourced from both. 
I begin at the lobby of the first floor of Doors.  The gallery can be visited either by walking through the exhibits floor by floor (my preferred way) or by using the teleporter (a blue sphere located at the entrance to every floor) to go directly to a specific floor. 
A central core of ramps is in the gallery which leads visitors from one floor to another.  Each floor overlooks the courtyard in front of the building where a beautiful cherry blossom tree stands.  Music plays in the background giving a certain haunting effect.
The first floor contains primarily photographs including stills from Anima’s films and sculptures.  A large white piano sits in a field of flowers against the rear wall.  (Have to ask Anima if he plays.) 
A ramp leads me to the second floor which seems to contain mostly abstract paintings. 
Moving onto the third floor, I encounter more traditional art based on photographs of cathedrals.  A large rose stained glass window dominates one end of the floor.  The contrast of the medieval architecture with modern sculptures provides a stunning visual contrast. 
The fourth floor takes a completely different turn as I’m greeted by a field of flowers with butterflies fluttering about.  A large moon looks down on the scene through the window which is at the top of the ramp on every floor.  Doors always appears in evening light and with its dark walls and self-illuminating artworks an effect is given which no RL art gallery could hope to replicate.  Photographs of RL flowers and birds add to the natural effect of this floor.
As I enter the fifth floor I’m greeted by another illusion that would be difficult in RL, mist rising from the floor.  With the photographs of the sea shore hanging on the walls, I feel like I’m on a beach somewhere in RL.  Elsewhere on the floor, RL images of buildings, monuments and the sky are exhibited. 
The sixth floor contains more abstracts and photographs with some of Anima’s edgier works.  A RL photo of a window adds a dimension of realistic space and distance which SL scripters would be advised to study and learn from. 
As I walk up to the seventh floor a luminescent light shines from it.  Anima is very good at incorporating the gallery itself into an artwork and using it to highlight his works.  This floor also contains Hitomi’s favorite photograph from Anima’s collection.  (I’m not going to say which it is.  Go and look for yourself and see if you can identify it!)  This floor has many RL nature photographs and is well worth spending time on. 
I arrive at the eighth floor which contains the theater and Hitomi’s corner where some of her collection is on display. 
With that I have gone through all eight floors of Doors Gallery. 
I had the good fortune to tour the gallery with Anima and Hitomi for my interview.  Being able to speak with him about his motivations for particular works and the sources of his inspiration was a stroke of good fortune for me. 
Anima’s works reflect a certain dualism such as life and death many times.  Lightness and darkness are contrasted in his works as well as the gallery itself.  His influence on Hitomi’s work can be seen. 
One of Anima’s favorite themes is Japan in particular its nature and its art.  (I wonder what came first, Hitomi or Anima’s interest in Japan.  Sorry, I digress.)  Other sources for his inspirations are early twentieth century Art Nouveau, Klimt, and Schiele.  His works leave a question as to what is occurring and what is the story.  In one of my favorites, a drawing of a woman, the question is whether or not she’s dressing or undressing and why.  Again, Anima’s work has that duality, a ying and yang. 
I strongly recommend that everyone with an interest in the arts and who can should visit Doors as well Anima’s and Hitmoi’s other gallery near Hitomi’s gallery, Seductions by Hitomi.  Visits to these are time well spent.    
          Also, please patronize these artists if you’re in the market for pieces for your inworld home.  Supporting SL artists and merchants helps all of us. 
          I’ve included pictures of Anima and Hitomi along with a several shots of Anima’s work.  But please go and see them for yourself because my work does not do them justice.  (Despite Hitomi’s best efforts.)    All photographs of artworks are with Anima’s permission. 
          I would again like to thank Hitomi again for arranging our meeting for Anima and to Anima for making himself available for our interview.
As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.
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Photo No. 1 Anima

Photo No. 2 Hitomi Tamatzui (with permission of Hitomi Tatmatzui)

Photo No. 3 Anima and Hitomi (with permission of Anima)

Photo No. 5 Exhibits Brochure

Photo No. 7 First Floor Gallery

Photo No. 15 Second Floor Gallery

Photo No. 18 Third Floor Gallery

Photo No. 20 Fourth Floor Lobby

Photo No. 23 Fifth Floor Lobby

Photo No. 28 Seventh Floor Lobby