Saturday, July 27, 2013

Real Life vs. Second Life

Once harm has been done, even a fool understands it.


          Sometimes, Real Life (RL) gets in the way of being in Second Life (SL).

          Like early last year when my laptop crashed and I went “into the wilderness” for a while until its replacement arrived.    
           Or, when Superstorm Sandy came roaring through and took out power for a while here in the Northeast.   (Come to think of it now, last year was pretty wild and I still managed to post to this blog every week.  Pulitzer prizes have been given for less!) 
          My current dilemma is that my broadband provider has failed to provide the reliable, fast service to my home that their advertising claims will always be there for me.  (I won’t mention their name now but if this situation isn’t fixed soon, I may not be so forbearing.) 
          So, now, I’m sitting in one of those ubiquitous coffee shops with Wifi as I post this. (Hey, I’ve run consulting engagements out of these places; blogging is a cinch by comparison.)  Significant Other is with me, wondering how their involvement went from emotional support and tolerance to assisting in marking and holding turf in a crowded coffee shop on a Saturday night.  (I’m reminded that once upon a time I used to know how to have a better time on Saturday nights.) 
          I’m feeling pretty good about this work around.  I’ve made my deadline.  My regular readers hopefully will not be disappointed.  (Both of you know who you are and I’m grateful.)  I’ve done my weekly promotions.  (Trust me, folks just don’t show up at this blog because of divine inspiration.)  And, as a real treat, I had a very nice cup of tea with a pastry.
          This recent example of life’s vicissitudes has gotten me thinking about how can I integrate myself into SL to better insulate myself from these service interruptions.  (Significant Other’s eyes are rolling about now.) 
          The problem is SL is not easy to get into.  First, there’s that pesky problem of the viewer.  Next, another favorite gripe of many of us is the lack of a mobile SL solution.  (Although, there may be some relief coming here soon.  See Wagner Au’s recent very interesting story on his blog about a potential tablet solution for SL aficionados.)  Then there’s the juggling of RL events when a problem arises in order to meet SL commitments.  (It really is like having a “second” life.  Whoever named this virtual world really knew what they were doing.)  One theme that runs across all of these is the difficulty of reaching anyone inworld outside the viewer unless you happen to have their RL email address. 
          I don’t have any ready solutions right now other than running out to my friendly, local coffee shop.  Like most good things in life (RL that is), SL is difficult to get to but worth the effort once you’re there. 
          I do wish to apologize to Lisah Lorefield whom I stood up today.  She was going to take me on a tour of an art gallery that she’d discovered.  I will reconnect with her and get that story done. (Along with the one that I missed last week.  I seem to building a bit of a backlog here.) 
          In closing, to all my loyal readers, I regret this recent interruption and I hope to get back inworld and to more orderly blogging shortly! 
          In the meantime, please feel free to read some of my other stories that you may not have gotten around to yet!
          Be well, be safe, and I’ll be back with you as soon as I can!  
As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives. 
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Dr Karen said...

Greetings...I just found your blog and the title made me smile! I have been on Sl for shy of 4 years but RL has interrupted those years 2 times...the most recent was November.
I have been off SL since Nov 7th and returned last week- if you ran into me in a SL store you would have been convinced I was a newbie ! Now I have a premium account so my avatars look lovely but with being offline so long I was STUNNED how much I had forgotten (also I had hand surgery so that makes mousing very tricky-- so I am running into walls, forgot how to do simple things like activate group memberships, sit down! YOU NAME IT!
But like you-I have found that RL does interfere with Sl...and when you're off for a long time people often forget you (off list of online friends, easily forgotten!).
Glad I found your blog...if you post about born again newbies please let me know!
Skye Tennenbaum/Saphire Starship

webspelunker said...

Dr Karen,

Thanks for reading! Would you care to be part of a story about residents returning after being away for a while?



Jude Walter said...

Just a couple of days back while chatting with my group of friends at my Second Life home we came up with this thought on how RL sometimes interrupts our SL.

I like how you suggest that someone who named this alternate world as Second Life really knew what they were doing. Nice to come across your blog.

webspelunker said...


Many thanks for reading and commenting!

Yes, SL has become an important part of RL for many!

Let's hope Linden Lab understands this as they consider changes.