Saturday, May 3, 2014

Can You Sail in Second Life?

I can't control the wind but I can adjust the sail.

Ricky Skaggs

          Lately, I’ve been a bit busy in Second Life (SL).
          What with chasing after hobbits, strolling the boulevards of Weimar Berlin, and riding dragons among other things, I’ve had a lot on my plate. 
          My good friend and research assistant (RA), Tera Trenchcoat, has not been slacking off while I’ve been working hard to bring SL to you, my loyal readers.  (Both of you!) 
          You may recall that Tera helps me find subjects to blog about, raises a skeptical eye brow on new story ideas, and accompanies me on some of my misadventures.  She does all of this out of a sense of adventure, curiosity about what lies over the next hill, and the spirit of a true virtual explorer.  Tera also works for no pay. A point which she reminds me of whenever she feels my ideas are a little too crazy.  (Significant Other is convinced Tera’s a psych graduate student who believes she’s fallen into a goldmine of a subject for her dissertation on abnormal psychology.)
          After I rezzed inworld the other day, Tera reached out to me all excited about her latest SL hobby.  (Yes, Tera’s wise not enough not to sit around waiting for me.)
Tera had discovered sailing.
Yes, the kind with a boat, in water, with lots of sailcloth, and wind.
Apparently, despite the difficulty involved and the risk, she spilled over a couple of times, Tera is enamored with her new interest.  I’ve never seen her quite like this before.
Hence, when Tera recommends this as a potential subject for future stories whom am I to say no?  She’s got very good instincts for stories.  Tera found DaVinci Gardens which has been the basis for several successful posts.  (Also, remember what I said earlier about being willing to work for nothing.  That gives her a lot of clout in our editorial discussions.)
I was hooked.  There was going to about sailing in SL and the sim that Tera had discovered that is presently her favorite hangout which captivated my interest.
Now, since Tera and I can’t always manage to be on at the same time, I decide to head out on my own to see what’s gotten her so excited.
I arrive at the landing zone in Sailor’s Cove East, SpoonDrift, the coordinates given to me by Tera.
Around me is a scene reminiscent of the seacoast of the American South.  I’m in a marina with a small clapboard office standing near me.  It is weathered and it’s blue paint has seen better days.  An ample meal is laid out on a nearby picnic table.
The sky is blue and, except for music, all is quiet.  Butterflies float in the air.  (This is important.  Significant Other loves butterflies and believes anyplace with them can’t be bad.)  No one is around as is typical for many sims these days.  (I won’t go into Significant Other’s theory that maybe they knew I was coming.)  Except for a small plane flying overhead, I appear to be all alone. 
Around the side of the office is a teleport board with links to twelve different locations across SpoonDrift.  (There appears to be a connection to my old friends at Second Norway which I need to check out.  SL does seem to be getting smaller or maybe I’m spending too much time inworld!)
My location is a small island with dock and piers going off in multiple directions some connecting to other small islands.  In the surrounding waters I spot other islands some with buildings and boats moored at them.
Where I am, a small flotilla of boats appear to be tied up.  Most are sail boats but some motor boats can be seen.  There are many varieties of differing sizes within each category.  They are flagged with many nations’ colors.  I see German, Australian, British, and American.  Dutch and French are visible as well.  (Yes, Lisah, I can tell the two apart!)  This being SL, some seem to have created their own national colors.  (Either that, or I’m more out of touch with current events than I thought.)
Apparently, boats can be bought and customized.  Since this visit is only meant to be brief, I don’t have the time to fully investigate.  So, I’m not sure how everything works and I’d like to avoid being accused of piracy.  (Not sure Tera knows how to post bail inworld yet.  I’d better check on that.) 
I take my leave but not before deciding that Tera’s right.  (She’ll ask why I even had to think about it.)  SpoonDrift is an incredible sim for those of a nautical bent.  There are many islands to investigate and Tera, who seems to know of these matters from Real Life (RL), vouches for the realism of the sailing experience.
I’ll return to SpoonDrift with Tera and we’ll report back on the sailing and the various sites.  Please check back for our adventures!
          I’ve included links to pictures from my visit but these don’t do any justice at all.  Go and see for yourselves.  You’ll be glad you did!       
          I’d like to thank Tera for finding SpoonDrift and urging me to visit.  I’m also grateful for her informing of the dress code.  I was properly attired!
As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.   
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Photo No. 2 Refreshments

Photo No. 3 Teleport System

Photo No. 4 Docked Boats

Photo No. 5 Sailboat

Photo No. 7 More Docked Boats

Photo No. 9 Yamaha Engine

Photo No. 10 Nearby Island

Photo No. 11 Yacht Club

Photo No. 12 Harbor View

Photo No. 13 Butterfly!

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