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Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life XII – BDSM Is Alive and Well!

Fear can be a potent aphrodisiac.

Kele Moon 

Welcome to the latest installment of my blog series, Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life!

This is where I discuss all the different aspects of sexuality that I encounter in Second Life (SL).

Yes, there is sex inworld.  (Significant Other’s laughter can be heard from the other room.)

The subject of this story came from a good friend of mine, Nemesis Grey.  She contacted me about a couple who were friends of hers and were establishing a new BDSM sim and group inworld.

Having read my earlier stories on BDSM, (See, folks do read my stories!)  Nemesis assumed correctly that I’d be interested in meeting them and blogging about their work.

Why wouldn’t I?  Stories about SL bake sales don’t do very well!  (Don’t ask.)

I arranged for an interview and met with them recently at their sim.

The sim is Devilhand Castleof Carnal Pleasure and the couple who run it are named Amaterasu (“Ama”) Silvercloud and Steve.  Both are practicing members of the BDSM
lifestyle inworld themselves. 

Devilhand is a large facility with one of the better castles that I’ve seen in some time inworld.  There are large ballrooms, a library, and many small rooms for couples to go off and be by themselves.

There is also a dungeon which I couldn’t find initially.  The reason being that instead of being in a dank, dark dungeon with rats, it was upstairs in a large room with windows and plenty of light.  In fact, it looked like a modern gym except it has BDSM furniture and not exercise equipment.  (Ama seemed a little offended that I thought it would be anything but this.  What do I know?)

          A fine collection of erotic art hangs from the walls (Significant Other isn’t surprised I noticed.  But, this is all research.) and check out the menu at the bar.

Across from the castle is the yard where slave auctions take place.  (More on these in a bit.)

A newly installed venue for concerts has just been installed between the castle and the auctions yard and across from this is an area for shops for BDSM themed merchandise.  (Somebody said something about a shark being here.)

The arrival area is in the center of all these facilities. 

There is more to this sim than just some buildings.

A group for members has been formed and this is at the heart of what Devilhand is all about. 

The idea behind the group is to create a BDSM playground mixed with the Story of O, but not just for female subs/slaves but for male subs/slaves too.  Ama and Steve recognize that in order to be successful they need experienced masters and mistresses to train and guide newcomers to BDSM who are interested but are inexperienced and vulnerable.

Steve is very adamant about being able to provide a safe and nurturing environment to counsel those entering the BDSM lifestyle.  The word used by the team to describe Steve’s and Ama’s vision is a “haven” for new members.

During our interview, Steve talked about the many out there who are more charlatans than experienced masters or mistresses.  Weeding these out takes time. 

Steve and Ama explained their views on relationships in BDSM to me.

They believe that the relationship comes before BDSM practices begin and grows with the trust that develops between the parties.  When I ask about the sexual component, I’m told that comes from the intellectual stimulus of the mind from images and words. 

Members of the Devilhand group can either roleplay or just relax and meet. The group was formed about eight months ago and the castle was built about two months ago.  (And is being continually rebuilt by Steve according to the team.  There is constant joking about always getting lost because of the new builds.)

Community events are being discussed and planned.  One of the big draws will be the slave auctions where consenting and experienced male and female slaves will be auctioned off to the highest bidders.  Steve says that bids can go very high.  I’ll return in the future for another story on this topic.  Slaves must sign an agreement before participating to demonstrate that they know what they’re getting themselves into.  (Please remember this all roleplay!)

A little bit about Steve and Ama now.

Steve is the owner and builder of Devilhand.  He is the dom in his relationship with his partner, Ama.

Steve first came to SL in 2006 then left and returned after a while to look around.  This time he stayed.

Ama is Steve’s partner and helps manage Devilhand and participates in the decision making process with him.  Steve is very quick to point out that Ama is a sub and not a slave.  She first came to SL in about 2008 and has been here since except for a few breaks for Real Life (RL). 

They first met at House of V inworld.  This is a very popular BDSM club.  Their relationship is based upon trust and Steve describes it as loose or not a strict form of practice.  They both have RL BDSM experiences behind them.  They both derive pleasure from their relationship inworld.  Interestingly, they are monogamous in their SL relationship which I don’t find too often inworld.  They use social media to keep in contact outside of SL with one another. 

My first impressions of Devilhand are favorable and I recommend to anyone who is either an experienced member of the BDSM lifestyle or is considering it inworld.

Devilhand is a newly forming BDSM group catering to a variety of practices.  Steve describes it as “classic.”  Roleplay will be offered as well as just a place to relax and chill.  The slave auctions are being developed and will offer interesting opportunities for those so inclined. 

For those looking for a new BDSM group to join this is a good one to consider.  This sim will be unlike some of the bacchanalian hotspots that some BDSM sites are.  (Tera Trenchcoat, my Research Assistant (RA), and I have come across a few of these in our research.  Tera made a very strong point about not being paid as I recall.)  It offers a safe environment for people to learn about BDSM.

Devilhand caters to newbies in SL and offers assistance to all.

So, if you’re interested in a good BDSM environment or just want to see an incredible
build, take a look at Devilhand!  This is also a great chance to get in on the ground floor of something new and exciting.  Experienced members are especially needed.

I’d like to thank Ama and Steve for taking the time with me and answer all my questions.  They’re wonderful hosts!

Additional pictures of Devilhand can be found here. 

Devilhand is also developing a social media strategy.

Their Twitter handle is @DevilhandCastle.  Please feel free to follow them! 

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.         

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