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Helping Others in Second Life V – Would You Please Help Here?

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of others.

Charles Dickens


          With this story I return to an earlier story about a woman who is overcoming her Real Life (RL) disabilities by living without them in Second Life (SL). 

          Her name is XMarieX (“Marie”) Fairport and she needs our help. 

          In that last story, I wrote about how Marie is trying to raise money to acquire a diabetic alert dog in RL to help her live with her juvenile diabetes, diagnosed over thirty years ago, which had caused her to fall and has left her in great pain from her injuries. 

          I chose now to write about Marie’s needs because it’s American Diabetes Month and she is running several functions inworld to help raise funds for her service animal, to be called Musketeer, and I wanted to highlight her story again and her fund raising drive, and to ask for your help. 

          Marie has raised some funds so far but is nowhere near her goal of $15,000US necessary to obtain Musketeer.

          Marie is married in RL with children and dealing with diabetes and the pain from her fall.  She lives in constant fear that her condition will worsen or that she experience kidney failure or blindness.  Marie fears blindness the most.  She wants to see her wee ones grow up.  80% of those with her type of diabetes go blind within the first fifteen years of being diagnosed.
          The diabetic alert dog will provide assurance against the latter. 

          Marie needs help and I’m asking you to help if you can. 

          Before I go any further, let me address those doubts you may have about raising a not inconsequential sum of RL money for a SL avatar.  (Marie does wish to remain anonymous and I will respect that.)

          Diabetic Alert Dogs of America (DADA) will be supplying Marie with her service dog. 

          Marie is registered with them and if you call the number on their website they will confirm that Musketeer is one of their projects. 

          They will not supply Marie’s RL details.

          Wells Fargo Bank through its charitable receipts program is accepting funds for Musketeer.

          American banks are very choosey about who they do business with and whom they receive funds from these days. 

          Now, here’s how you can help Marie!

          First, in SL:

1.     By buying her merchandise at her shop, ~XM~ Designs, located here. 

2.     Joining the I HELPED HUNT, details of which can be found here and hints can be found here! 

3.     Donating Lindens at the kiosk located in her shop.

4.     Attending the inworld functions going on this month in SL:

a.     The November 7th dance, the theme of which is a pajama party, being held here at 8:00PM SLT. 

b.     The November 28th I HELPED Live Auction/Formal Dance to be held  here starting at 7:00PM SLT.

5.     Hiring Marie and her husband, Kiva Fairport, as DJs for your inworld functions. 


Next, in RL:

1.     Walking into any Wells Fargo branch and making a contribution to the MUSKETEER THE DIABETIC ALERT DOG fund. 

2.     Contributions can be made to DADA for Musketeer.  One caveat, until they receive the down payment of $2,500US they will not accept donations so achieving that first interim goal is crucial! 

3.     Donations can be made to through Paypal.


If you need a receipt for tax purposes then either Wells Fargo or DADA should be used. 

Even if you can’t contribute financially there are ways to help Marie!

First, if you would share her story with your friends and communities through whatever social media you use that would help greatly!

Or, if you would just attend her functions and lend moral support it would mean a lot to Marie. 

Finally, just reach out to Marie personally and let her know that you’re thinking of her and support her.  How many people when they have problems suddenly find themselves alone?  A few moments to visit and a few kind words can mean a lot!

Marie will try to stay in touch with everyone who helps but this could be a daunting task!  (I’m expecting a lot of folks to help out!)

So, for ongoing updates on Marie’s progress, her blog will be a good source of information.

Marie also welcomes questions from all who have them. 

For many of us, SL is a place to come to, meet friends, and enjoy ourselves.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget the real people with RL problems behind those friendly avatars.

If you could help Marie either financially, with your time, or moral support then please do so!

A RL mother is asking for our help. 

Will you please help make a difference here?

In case you’re wondering what I’ve done, I’ve given a small financial contribution but it’s nowhere near enough.  I’m also helping to get Marie’s message out to the SL community. 

Thank you in advance for however you can help!   

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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          Open roads and kind fires!  


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