Saturday, February 21, 2015

Becoming a Scribe-in-Residence in Second Life

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.

Ray Bradbury


          As many of my regular readers know (My thanks to both of you!) I’ve always been looking for a position in Second Life (SL).

          However, I gave up looking for a paid position inworld a long time ago.  They’re even harder to find than one in Real Life (RL) these days.  

          And, like many a RL blogger, I once had visions of quitting my day job and becoming a fulltime blogger.  (Significant Other turns suddenly and looks sharply at me.)

          But, I’ve always been a pragmatist and risk adverse to a certain extent, so I won’t be giving up my day job until I know I make a go of this.  (Significant Other looks relieved and stands down from an attack stance.)

          Yet, I still have the aspiration to become a fulltime blogger.

          To that end, I’ve been looking for work, even non-paying, in SL.

          I feel that as a writer I will benefit from the experiences, obtain new material, and develop new perspectives. (One would be amazed at how running around nude can change how you look at life.  Not to mention how life looks back at you!)

          You’d be surprised how difficult it is to obtain even non-paying work inworld.  (We’ll ignore Significant Other’s comment about talent being a qualification regardless of the pay rate.)

          Until recently when I was offered the role of scribe-in-residence at a sim I’d recently blogged about.

          I’ll be able to integrate this role into my regular blogging activities and hopefully be able to expand my readership. (How difficult can it be to get past two?)

          Oh, you’d like to know where?

          Fair point.

          I’m now the scribe-in-residence at Devilhand, the recently established BDSM community in SL. 

          Devilhand seeks to be a safe refuge for practitioners of the BDSM lifestyle inworld.  They also plan to offer training and to match dominants with submissives.

          The grounds consist of a large castle in the classic B-movie style (I happen to love B-movies!) surrounded by a small village with woods and a small mountain with caves.  My office (Yes, I have an office.  How else am I going to reside?) is located in a garret (De riguer for a starving artiste.)  It’s bare save for two desks.  (I plan to be very busy.)

          Facilities at Devilhand include a dungeon, conservatory, ball room, and assorted private rooms with varying themes.  All these are intended for visitors to enjoy themselves as they see fit.

          All of this resides on a full sim. 

          The Devilhand team consists of Steve, the owner, Ama, his submissive, who co-manage the facility; kennaKat, the social manager; and Dariana, the marketing manager. 

          They’re all engaged now in preparing Devilhand to become the premier BDSM community inworld straddling (No pun intended.) both SL and RL.

          My responsibilities will be to blog about the Devilhand community and its activities along with however else my scribbling can help.  I even have a scribe outfit which is left over from my visits to Gor.

          I’ll incorporate these duties into my regular blogging.  So have no fear of that stopping anytime soon.

          Pushing the edges of the envelope has always been a hallmark of how I write so expect that to continue. 

          I also plan an ongoing series about RL BDSM players in SL and Devilhand will serve as my base of operations for that.  Stay tuned for more details!

          I’d like to thank Steve and his team for this great opportunity and I look forward to working with them!

          I also hope that my current and future readers will enjoy my stories!         

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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          Open roads and kind fires!


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John Dunn said...

I think it is great that you found a spot on SL and wanted to let you know that there is also various kinds of supplemental work at the less packed but promising #islandoasis