Saturday, June 27, 2015

Castles in Second Life III – Schloss Neufreistadt


Many a book is like a key to unknown chambers within the castle of one’s own self.

Franz Kafka


          Thank you for returning to this, the third in my series, The Castles of Second Life! 

          I’m especially excited about this story (Significant Other is beginning to worry about me.) because a new friend from Second Life (SL), Han Held, gave me the subject for this story after reading my last castle story. 

          Today, we visit Schloss Neufreistadt which is located in the Nefreistadt, a Southern
German themed sim run by the Confederation of Democratic Simulators.  (One of the things I really love about SL is how much the communities love to get themselves organized!)

          I decide to do a quick tour by myself for this story.  (Significant Other nods knowingly and mumbles something about not wanting to ask for directions.  Not sure about the reference.)

          I arrive in a LZ in a town square reminiscent of a small Bavarian village from Real Life (RL). 

          A church and shops surround as I stand on the elaborate mosaic in front of the Teleport Board which offers the various destinations in the Neufreistadt. 

          I rez to the Schloss itself. 

          (OK, if you haven’t figured it out yet, “schloss” is German for “castle”.  See you learn a few things hanging around with me!)

          The Schloss, like many castles inworld I’m finding, is enormous! 

          It stands on a promontory looking out over the sea. (Another characteristic of castles that I’m finding in SL.)

          Behind high walls, the keep is surrounded by a large hall and other towers.  The classic orange Bavarian roofing tile is much in evidence.

          At the base of the promontory the buildings of the town crowd together.

          This is definitely a very distinctive build for SL.  Many castles are just surrounded by a few outlying buildings or countryside.  One gets the feel of a bustling, urban environment here.

          I approach the main and possibly only gate and enter the castle proper.

Plaques on the wall inform visitors of where they are.

          A grand staircase winds its way into the bowels of the building.

          I follow.

          Another distinctive feature of this build are the reproductions of RL artwork and architectural components lining the walls.

          Balconies look out over the town and the sea.

          The first large room I encounter reminds of the famed and missing Amber Room from
Saint Petersburg.  Period furniture is placed around the room to give it a feeling of being lived in without overdoing it.  Additional art works hang from the walls.

          My first visit to Schloss has been brief but I’m impressed.

          This is not just some large SL build which just sits there empty.

          The caretakers have given careful thought to the appointment of every detail in the Schloss.

          I will return for future visits and seek to answer unanswered questions from this one.

          Like, for instance, where’s the dungeon?

          I recommend all who love a good castle not to mention a good art collection to drop by Schloss for a visit. 

          It can be found here.     

          I’d like to thank Han Held for recommending Schloss to me.  It was well worth the visit!

          Additional photos from my tour can be found on this Flickr page.   

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives

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          Open roads and kind fires!



Han Held said...

Hi! Thanks for your awesome writeup on our Schloss -we take great pride in it (as we do with everything in the CDS; we are fortunate to have a very talented community). While there's no dungeon there are hidden places and a little exploring definitely yields some pleasant surprises. While there, I'd also recommend checking out our Church and the museum of modern art we have as well!

Rosie Gray said...

Thanks for visiting the Schloss! There are some secret passages you might find during your next visit ;)

Em Warden said...

Finally somebody who gives due praise to our pride, the gorgeous Neuschloss!

Thank you for bringing the news to the rest of the SL population :)