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Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life XVI – Lost and Nude in the Woods and Making a New Friend

The difference between nudists and clothed people is that nudists don’t mind if you are wearing clothes.

           Running a blog and posting weekly, not to mention doing it for over five years, is not the easiest thing in the world.  (Significant Other just giggles.  Please note that Significant Other was a major encourager of my initial blogging efforts.)  

          Of course, many opportunities for stories present themselves and part of my job is juggling all these possibilities against commitments, expectations, and changing conditions in Second Life (SL).  (Significant Other is having a blast right about now.)  One story that
I’ve been meaning to write about for a while is the nudist resort at Mango Island – Adult Nude Forest.  

          As no good deed goes unpunished as a good friend of mine in Real Life (RL) (Yes, I have a few.) once explained to me, my prevarication in doing this story was rewarded by a recent announcement by Mango management that the current sim would shut down shortly, as in now, for demolition and would subsequently reopen to begin new builds. 

          I was stuck, enough material for a story but no good photos of Mango, actually, none at all, and no time to go take any.

          Then my luck began to change!  

          I’d recently made a new friend inworld.  She and I had met randomly (Significant Other says that she was just too polite to tell me to get lost.) and she has joined me on some of my journeys and also takes superb photos in SL.  In fact, she supplied me with several for another story already.    

          My friend stepped up and offered to take and supply me with pictures of Mango for this story.  I quickly agreed, my friend promptly dropped her clothes and went off to obtain
photos of Mango in its “before” state.  (Needless to say, my friend is fairly uninhibited when it comes to wandering around nude.)    

          Now, for the catch, you may have noticed that I keep referring to this talented female photographer as “my friend.” She wishes to keep her SL identity a secret.  (Significant Other doesn’t blame her and wishes for the same privilege in RL.)  

          I asked my friend what should I call her?  “Anonymous photographer” while accurate just didn’t seem to have the appropriate flair.  She asked time to sleep on it overnight.  I readily agreed. 

          The next day I received an email saying that she wished to be known simply as “The Companion.”  So, that’s who she’ll be!  (I think SL has more Whovians than Gallifrey.)  

          Now, as with all my SL friends, I take them as they present themselves. The Companion presents as an adult woman and says this is who she is in RL.  For all I know, she could be a community college dropout living in his parents’ basement outside of Detroit. Irrelevant to me.  I take people as I find them inworld! 

          The Companion and I have been to Mango together to explore which means my invariably getting lost and her finding me.  (So much for that much vaunted male sense of direction.  Significant Other becomes hysterical.)  

          Anyway, back to Mango!

          Mango is a sister sim to Lupes Magic Forest.  Seeing Mango being promoted there when it first opened I joined. 

          Mango is a nudity required, fee sim.  The layout is a lush forest with heavy brush, tall trees, flowers, waterfalls, streams, ponds, and coastal stretches.  Birds and insects
provide the natural soundtrack.  There are few manmade objects about and the few that are draw heavily on the natural surroundings.  Examples are footbridges made from fallen trees and tree houses.  Signs of civilization are buried deep in the sim and require some looking to find.         

          Once found, these quiet oases provide peaceful places to either be alone or to show an intimate moment with another.  Basic romance is the theme but there is one mild BDSM spot which The Companion found.  (Honest, I had nothing to do with this!)  Unlike Lupes where there are obvious paths and landmarks, navigating in Mango and
trying to find places again can be difficult.  

          Mango never has many visitors at the same time.  The Companion and I have both had this experience in our various visits both together and alone.  (I’ve been going to Mango longer than The Companion.) Folks we meet are friendly and polite.  

          By the time, you read this story, the former Mango will be gone and demolished.  The new construction will have begun and all are invited to drop and to check its progress.  The Companion and I will be visiting soon after to check the new build and to report back.  So keep an eye on this space for an update!  

          In the meantime, please enjoy the beautiful memories of Mango captured in The Companion’s photos in this story and on this flickr page!    (BTW These are only scenic shots.  Don’t go looking for nude people, we’re still not that kind of blog!) 

          I’d like to thank The Companion for both her friendship and making the time to take the photos accompanying this story!  Look for more of her work in future stories!  

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.  

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          Open roads and kind fires!  

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