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Sex and the Single Avatar in Second Life V: A Visit to Another Nude Beach

Being naked approaches being revolutionary; going barefoot is mere populism.

John Updike

          As part of this series, I’ve been visiting various nude beaches in Second Life (SL) to check out what’s available and who’s there.  These are places where people come together (generally while nude) and hang out together (OK, they sometimes have sex too).   To date, I’ve written about my visits to Paradise Sex Beach and Wild Coast Naturist Resort.  The former is a sex and nude resort, the latter a traditional, naturist resort.  Interestingly, Paradise is clothing optional while Wild Coast is nudity required (which may reflect their more Real Life (RL) orientation.)
          People in SL seem to fall into either a casual sexual nudity or a strict nudist approach when it comes to walking around inworld in the altogether.  There’s even a group inworld dedicated to the idea of nudity not equating to sex.  My friend, Ilse Runo, told me about it and is a member herself. 
Recently, in my unscientific survey of SL nude beaches, I dropped into Half Moon Nude Beach and had the good fortune to meet Rachel Jiang, the owner and operator.  She was kind enough to grant me an interview about Half Moon. 
Rachel had intended Half Moon as a place inworld for romance and for people to make love.  Prior to this, she had hosted parties and done other things.  From these experiences, she wanted to create a space for people to experience less stress when inworld. 
To that end, Rachel has scattered about twenty hideaways across the sim for visitors to relax and enjoy themselves.  Their themes are varied including soft BDSM.  One of her favorites is at the top of the waterfall. 
          Arriving at the landing zone at Half Moon, I find myself on a boardwalk with the sea t my right, shops extend in front of me and to my left.  These specialize in sexy apparel and other avatar parts for that buffed up body one wishes for.  (How many ugly bods do you ever see inworld?)  The shops are in a classic tropical open front, palm roofed style.  A short walk takes me to the beach area.
          The resort is open with a clear view to the sea from almost everywhere in the sim.  Palm trees and shrubs are scattered about to give a nice effect.  (I’m glad that Rachel has elected not to go for a heavy jungle motif as some do!)
          I walk around looking for some of Rachel’s hideaways and I’m initially drawn to the waterfall.  I pass through the water fall at the base of its mountain and enter into a cavern.  An upwardly winding path takes me to another chamber with a rug on the ground.  The rug is fully functioning for sex with couples, threesomes, and foursomes either straight or gay.  (Rachel is nothing if not thorough!) 
          The path continues upward from this chamber to the top of the mountain and another cave with a pool that overlooks Half Moon.  Inside the cave are pillows also enabled for multi-partner sex.  Solo play is also possible.  The sex functions are different from those below.  Apparently, one can have a very varied sex life at Half Moon should one so choose.  The pool is also equipped for taking showers.  (After the climb, it felt good.) 
          Getting back to sea level, I continue to wander around looking for more hideaways.  On a sailing ship moored offshore, I find captain’s cabin with a fully equipped bed and cozy fireplace scene below decks.  (It’s amazing what you can get away with in SL!)
          Further along the shoreline, I encounter a hut with one of the best functioning massage tables that I’ve encountered inworld.  Again, both straight and gay couples can enjoy it. 
          I only have time to find a few of Rachel’s hideaways but the ones that I do are unique and private.  Rachel says that she is always tweaking the sim to make improvements.  During my visits, lag has not been a problem for me.  Presently, Rachel has no plans to limit concurrent visitors but might in the future if lag becomes a problem.  A very prudent decision on her part as some formerly popular sims are suffering because of too many visitors hammering the response time and experience.
          For those looking for an enjoyable nude experience inworld or a nice beach and don’t mind others’ nudity then Half Moon Nude Beach is a great place to drop in.  And for those looking for a little privacy for those quiet moments together I can again give a strong recommendation.  In case you’re interested, attire for visitors is either nudity or swim wear. 
          I’d like to thank Rachel for taking the time to meet with me and to answer my questions. 
          Below are a few pictures from Half Moon.  They give a sense of what it’s like.  But you really have to see and experience it for yourselves.
As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.
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Photo No. 1 Rachel Jiang

Photo No. 6 Beach View I

Photo No. 7 Beach View II

Photo No. 8 Beach View III

Photo No. 9 The Waterfall

Photo No. 10 Inside the Waterfall

Photo No. 15 Dress Code

Photo No. 16 Hideaway Below Decks

Photo No. 17 Captain’s Cabin


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