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An Art Exhibit in Second Life

Every artist ought to be an exhibitionist. 

Egbert Oudendag

          Recently, a new friend of mine in Second Life (SL), Morgana Nagorski contacted me and asked if I would blog about Unified Heart 2013 – A Homage to Leonard Cohen, an art exhibition which is being held from January 26 to April 21, 2013 at the Palais Orleans Gallery Complex in SL.  The theme for the show is based on the words of Leonard Cohen’s songs. The exhibit is sponsored by LumiPro, billed as SL’s premier lighting system for photography in virtual worlds. 
           Morgana has been a fan of Leonard Cohen ever since she woke up in the night in 1973 to hear someone singing a wonderful song and had to ring the radio station the next morning to find out who it was.  (Now that’s what I call a story!)  She had often thought of doing an art exhibition of her own based on his words so when she opened her own gallery in SL she thought it would be exciting to ask a group of artists to participate.

          This is the second year that the exhibition has taken place. 

Last year’s, called Unified Heart, took place in January and had twenty artists participating including Morgana. It was such a success, nearly 1,000 people visiting, that she decided to do it again this year with thirteen of the artists from last time and eight more joining them. On February 16th  another sim is hosting "Unified Heart 2012 Revisited" where the pictures from last year will be shown again.

Morgana’s other reason for staging the show is that artists need to show their work. Otherwise what is the point she says.  Also, the pieces are of course for sale.  She invites the artists personally as it’s her gallery.  (Fair’s fair, I only write about what I want to write about because it’s my blog.) 

          Always looking for something new inworld, I readily agreed.   Having just done a series of stories about two artists, Anima and Hitomi Tamatzui, and the gallery where their work is displayed, I thought I was ready to go back for another look at culture in SL.  After my last post where I interviewed a SL domme, going back to culture is probably a good change of pace.   (Significant Other starts to worry when I spend too much time with the BDSM community.) 
          Turns out that Morgana is the curator of the event.  I TP into the opening night party and take in the culture and to meet Morgana.
          The Palais Orleans Gallery Complex is a large, airy modern structure located in Gardenia Islands.  The building permits the easy display and viewing of large artworks.  A gallery runs along the interior wall midway between the floor and ceiling.  Windows along the ceiling allow in natural light. 

          Guests had already arrived when I came in.  During the course of the evening approximately three to four dozen guests were present and lag was never a problem all the time that I was there.  The dress code ran from elegant evening wear to grunge chic.  (I was the latter, well, maybe more grunge than chic.) 
          Twenty-one pieces of art hang on the walls in two rows around the exhibit area.  Their style is primarily abstract.  Their colors create a happy mood in the building contrasting with the severe coloring of the walls.  Morgana has done a very good job of arranging the artwork.  The front wall on the gallery has portraits of the exhibiting artists. 

          Their work is very original and shows a high level of effort and originality all brought together by the theme of Leonard Cohen’s lyrics.  Morgana’s idea of bringing together art and music comes together very effectively and I recommend everyone to drop by and see the exhibit before it closes on April 21st. 
          With Morgana and her work, we have another example of a SL resident bringing together a community, this time based on art and music, and creating an event based on these themes. 

          I want to thank Morgana for inviting me to her opening and for taking the time to answer my questions.
          Below, I’ve included a links to pictures from the exhibition but they really must be seen in the gallery because my photos don’t do them justice.  Please visit Unified Heart 2013 and see them for yourselves!    

          As always, I’m grateful to all for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.
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Photo No. 2 Morgana Nagorski

Photo No. 13 Thanks for the Trouble You Took from Her Eyes by Amona Savira


Anima (KA) said...

There is some great artwork there. Especially the artworks in Gallery 1 are awe3some and worth a visit!

webspelunker said...


Thanks for your support! Coming from an artist like yourself, it means a lot!