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An Anniversary Celebration in Second Life!


Life is celebration, for those who know how to celebrate every moment.

Bharat Zanvar


After the gloom and doom that I engendered with my last post about the future of Second Life (SL).  I decided it was time to cheer up a bit.  The world’s not ending.  (At least not yet.)

So, after an intervention by some well-intentioned SL friends (Significant Other is giving me that “I told you so!” look as I write this.)  I decided to return to the happier events which surround us inworld.  (But, have no fear, I haven’t abandoned the Cause.  More to come!)

Fortunately for me, there is always cause for celebration in SL!

In particular, my very good friend inworld, Perryn Peterson, reminded me that this month is the sixth anniversary of the founding of the Mieville sim in SL.   Perryn, who is one of the most impressive impresarios whom I’ve met in either SL or Real Life (RL), is pulling out all the plugs for this one.

For those of you who are just joining us, Perryn is the mayor of Mieville, a collection of twelve sims in SL.  The theme is steampunk.  But, I’ve found them to be very open minded about what’s included in the genre. 

Perryn, whom I selected last year as one of the most interesting SL residents whom I’ve met, acts as the creative spark and organizer behind all that happens in Mieville.  I still don’t know how he balances RL and SL.  (There is a rumor that he only exists inworld but I’m not touching that one until I have some more facts.  I do have some standards you know!)

His career inworld began with Gor.  But he wasn’t satisfied there.  (Gor can be a demanding and rigid roleplaying environment inworld.)  Perryn didn’t feel that he was getting all that he wanted or could get from SL in Gor.  In RL, He’s always been fond of Victorian times and lives in a house built in 1892.  (For my non-American readers, that’s a very old house by our standards!)

When the Doyle sim became available six years ago, Perryn felt that he could do something with it. Initially, he was working with his STEAM: The Hunt project.  Perryn also faced a monumental task of replacing all the prims that came with the sim because title didn’t pass to him with the sale.  He says now he knows better.  The replacement of all the sims took years Perryn tells me. 

Ultimately, Perryn and his SL partner, Mike Olbracht, the landscaping wunderkind, left Gor completely two years ago to focus on Mieville exclusively. 

And, he does need the time because in addition to STEAM, he’s introduced the recurring Renaissance Faire and Hunt, and The Silk Road Hunt. 

In addition to these regularly scheduled functions, Perryn has special one off functions for Christmas, the gacha fad, a Tolkien Festival, and Route 66 to name but a few.  Regular followers of my blog know that by now few seasons go by without some sort of special Perryn function in Mieville.

Perryn also has weekly town hall meetings for the merchants and residents of Mieville.  He also sponsors weekly dances with different themes.  (Ebbe Altberg and Linden Lab could learn a few things from him but I digress.)

Mieville now comprises twelve sims.  Besides the original Doyle, Twain, Poe, Wells, Verne, Chesterton, Dickens, Lakes, Stevenson, Kipling, Shelley, and Pond have been added.  Tinyopolis now occupies one of these sims.  Another Perryn property is Renaissance Fairy Island which is on the mainland. 

Helping Perryn along the way were folks like Mike, Jalynne Ohmai, and Wyvern Dryke to name but a few.  (To those whose names I’ve omitted, my apologies, I’ll get you in my next story!) 

Now Perryn wouldn’t be Perryn if he didn’t have some sort of celebrations planned for this event and he does!

There will be a yard sale to assist a member of the community with RL medical bills.  Please be generous when you stop by here.

Airship races, a boat regatta, something to do with warbugs, a Victorian dance, a picnic, opening of a new public building, a chef’s cook-off, and much more!  There’s something for everyone.

          But, hurry!  The festivities only last until July 13th.  Come and meet Perryn and the wonderful people who make up the Mieville community!  Maybe you’ll even run into me!  (Please don’t use that as your excuse for not coming, Perryn won’t invite me back if you do!)

          The poster shown below will give you a detailed program when you click it inworld.  (A not so subtle way to get you to go in!) 

          Also, one final note for now, as part of the Mieville 6th Anniversary Celebrations, I with two brave companions will shortly begin a boat tour of the Mieville sims.  Stay tuned for more details as we prepare to cast off into the unexplored reaches of Mieville!  (Sorry Perryn, I just had to be overly dramatic here!)

           I would like to thank Perryn for taking the time to meet with me to answer my questions to permit to write this story.  As always, he is a most gracious and hospitable host.

Remember to drop by!

I’ve included a few pictures of some of the beautiful places in Mieville.  There are many more, go and see them for yourselves!

As always, I’m grateful to all inworld for their kindness and time in stopping to talk with a stranger who was passing through their lives.   

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Photo No. 4 Airships from STEAM 8

Photo No. 7 Yardsale I

Photo No. 8 Yardsale II

Photo No. 9 Yardsale III


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Unknown said...

I went there. It's a very cool place. I bought a tiny av for the first time in my second life and a little steam powered copter. I've always been fascinated by steam punk.